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CASE STUDY #04 (1 of 5)

The following five pictures concern a road washout along steep hillside.

Owner had searched three years to find an affordable contractor. Before finding Avalon, his lowest bid was over $200,000 to repair the washed-out road.
CASE STUDY #04 (2 of 5)

For vertical support down into bedrock, Avalon employed 3.5" round-shaft helical piers. These piers were then grouted. Additionally, 1.5" square shaft helical tiebacks were driven diagonally to hold the road section to the hillside.
CASE STUDY #04 (3 of 5)

The outboard grade beam has been poured. Cantilever platform in place, curb formed. Inboard grade beam helix and steel set, deck double mat steel set, ready for concrete.
CASE STUDY #04 (4 of 5)

Avalon's final bill to the owner: much less than the competition. Job completed start to finish in 21 calendar days despite rain. Owner happy; Avalon proud.

Design Engineer:
Bob Patterson,
Patterson & Associates.

Soils Engineer:
Becky Dees,
Dees & Associates.
CASE STUDY #04 (5 of 5)

Here is the finished product from another view.
CASE STUDY #15 (1 of 2)

Here is a typical minor road washout. A different contractor had proposed using a W beam retaining wall alongside the road.
CASE STUDY #15 (2 of 2)

Our solution at Avalon was less expensive, more certain, and would last longer. We proposed using vertical helical piers and tiebacks with concrete. Avalon also upgraded the culvert with a larger pipe and new inlet.

Soils Engineer:
Don Tharp,
Tharp & Associates

Project Engineer:
Bob Patterson,
Patterson & Associates.
CASE STUDY #23 (1 of 1)

Avalon installed vertical and diagonal helix piers to support this section of road over poor soils.

Design engineer:
Bob Patterson,
Patterson & Associates

Soils engineer:
Haro & Kasunich.
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