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What makes a good foundation?

A foundation depends on the soil beneath it. A shallow foundation can be sufficient if the soil near the surface is stable.

However, sometimes firm soil is not near the ground surface. When a foundation is supported by unstable soils, differential settlement often occurs.

Therefore, if a house or other structure is built over unstable soils, engineers typically design a deep foundation to ensure adequate support.
Our specialty is deep foundations.

Avalon is conversant with a wide range of deep foundations to provide the most cost-effective solution to the given soils and structural loads.

We install drilled piers, helical piers, resistive piers, and other types of deep foundation elements.

For example, here Avalon is installing very deep, high-capacity helical piles for a commercial structure.

Please see our foundations menu and our glossary for more information.
Case Study #56
Replacement Deep Foundation at 25 Lusk Alley, San Francisco
Case Study #57
Replacement Deep Foundation at 2027 N Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz
Case Study #58
Replacement Deep Foundation in San Jose, CA
Case Study #59
New Foundation for Wind Tower in Soledad, CA
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