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Symptoms of an unstable foundation:

   - sloped floors
   - cracks in foundations
   - gaps in slab floors
   - cosmetic distress within
     the house

Call Avalon for an evaluation and we will perform a precise floor level survey. Using the most modern technology, we will study the foundation for deficiencies.
Avalon will then recommend the remediation and, as applicable, engineering work to be done by outside engineers.

Avalon firmly believes in value-added contracting; if engineering is indicated, we will work with the engineer to produce accurate and cost-effective plans.

Often, houses suffering differential settlement can easily be repaired using helical piers or other deep foundation elements to "underpin" the foundation.
This home was 8.4 inches out of level. The foundation was a slab-on-grade type. Its remediation required the installation of 9 vertical helical piers and 4 diagonal helical tiebacks.

We then lifted the house using lifting brackets attached to the vertical piers, to bring the floor level.

Because the perimeter foundation of this particular house was too weak to span from pier to pier, we built a "sister" grade-beam from pier to pier, connected directly into the existing perimeter foundation.
Occasionally the existing perimeter foundation is too weak to span from helical pier to helical pier.

Rather than install an excess number of costly piles, Avalon will fortify the perimeter with a companion reinforced concrete beam. In this example, round shaft helical piers were used and the companion beam would help span the distances between them.

Soils Engineer:
Don Tharp,
Tharp & Associates

Project Engineer:
Streeter Group
This foundation has been lifted to its original elevation, leaving a gap between concrete and earth. The yellow jack will now be removed.

Unless the gap is desired to allow clay soil expansion, it is filled. Avalon always encases the lifting bracket in concrete, as opposed to backfilling with dirt, as we believe this is the best practice in California.
In this example, helical piers were required behind a house where only 18" of clearance existed between the house and the large soldier piles of a retaining wall.
An apartment complex of five (5) buildings was sinking. Avalon installed 182 helical piers to support the structures.
Avalon can minimize damage to existing structures using custom-made extensions on its installation equipment.
This sunroom had dropped a full 6 inches in one corner before Avalon installed helical piers and lifted the slab back to level. We then pumped grout under the slab to fill the void.
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